Welcome to the next level

After several years of design and development since the first patent, the definitive electronic percussion instrument appears. Its shape based on traditional cajon, and folding but robust structure makes this instrument a tool of unparalleled comfort for any percussionist.

The time has come!

See it in action

Appreciate the actual sound, recorded live without any sound editing.

Watch in YouTube


Good terms with neighbors...

Because it is a fully electronic musical instrument, it can be played without anyone hearing you, using headphones.


Forget the hardware!

You don't need to take anything else. It's your own seat, and not having soundboard, can be folded occupying very little space and it's very easy to transport. The integrated battery allows using it anywhere.


Play as always, create as ever...

It is made of wood, what makes maintaining a natural feel, which together with the 4 configurable layers of each pad, as well as the sound quality obtained, offers a totally real experience.


What more could you ask for?

It connects to wireless smart devices to easily access the settings, import audio, interact with tutorials ... It also offers standard MIDI connection.


Your imagination to reality

You can configure it from it's control panel, or from a smartphone or tablet to sound like any other existing instrument, or anyother that you can imagine. Simply import the audio. The limit is up to you.


Forget live problems!

In addition to audio input, triggers auxiliary, headphone output, etc, it has a stereo audio output for direct connection to any audio equipment, so all sound problems are eliminated.

Official web launch price


Carry bag

Launch price 58€
Practical and comfortable

Bag with 10mm padding protection that you can carry as a briefcase or hanging on your back. It also has a pocket to store documents, cables, etc.

Hard case

Launch price 235€
Robust and professional

Exceptional quality case made of aluminum and PVC designed for greater protection in travel and transfers. It has a high density foam for the best protection.



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